With WebsiteGenerator you can easily generate web pages in the terminal.
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With WebsiteGenerator you can easily generate web pages in the terminal.

Browse the icons on our websiteGet help

Make a issue if you want to request a new icon.

Run via pip

  1. Install Python and pip
  2. Install it with
pip install by0websitegenerator
  1. Run

Run the standalone

  1. Download the latest version
  2. Install Python
  3. In the ./src/ Folder, run
python main.py 
  1. It should work.




You can find documentation on how to install Python and what image codes are available here.


The new image codes allow you to easily find icons for the cards and the social media icons.

Browse the icons on our website


Used By

This project is used by:


Create a Pull Request, so I can add your Website!


Before you use an icon, make sure you are not breaking any laws, design/trademark guidelines or licenses. I have never had any problems with it. If you're owner of certain trademark(s) and want icon taken down for whatever reason, please contact me. Also, make sure to use an imprint for your website.